[Cap'n Kirby from Discord asks: "Has Beep Boop helped to fix up the school after being elected?"] [B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P. while signing student autographs: "Ah, you must have MISUNDERSTOOD my platform!"] [B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P: "I DO NOT FIX. I PARTY."] [B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P: "I have also COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED the Student Body's annual budget for events and it's only been THREE WEEKS." Student 1: "I'd say it was worth it though." Student 2: "Oh, yes." Student 3: "I will never have more fun than that in my life! I know that."]

[Dr. Marloon: "Ha! Progress! I'm unraveling the mystery of how ghosts can hold objects!"] [Dr. Marloon: "It all comes down to the most basic of principles! It's not so much that ghosts have mass, per se, but that ghosts can manipulate gravity!"] [Dr. Marloon: "Although there must be _some_ mass, and we must observe _some_ of the laws of gravity. We aren't floating so much as we are fighting against the downward pull of the Earth."] [Dr. Marloon: "Though that theory suggests that countless weaker ghosts could be crushed infinitesimally small in the center of the Earth. But I sppose that's a problem for another day. Can I build a ghost drone...?"]

[Saishi from Discord asks: "Are there any ghost exclusive holidays and/or traditions that you guys would like to share?"] [Sandy: "There are oodles of special days for just us ghosts! Like Death Days!" Catfield: "Hauntsgiving!" Edmund: "And Looting Day!"] [Sandy and Catfield stare at Edmund.] [Edmund: "Not celebrated in the States." Sandy: "Oh, okay." Catfield: "Yeah, I'd never heard of that one."]