[Saishi from WebToon asks: "Are you ghosts stuck with the clothes you died in/wore most often prior to death?"] [Lady Plume: "It seems our outward form is adorned with attire with a personal connection."] [Lady Plume: "Sanda's and Hillary's outfits are what they wore on special days. And Trulish certainly didn't die in that ridiculous American fighting garb!"] [Lady Plume: "I suppose, in a way, we are seen as we see ourselves. Our clothes are but costumes in the play of life."] [Lady Plume: "So I suppose the most confident ghosts would wear no clothes at all.  Though I've yet to meet one..."]

Obituary: Volume I a printed comic book containing the first 6 comic episodes of Obituary is now available here! We're so excited!

[June: "Hi everyone. Thanks so much for supporting Obituary over the years!" Sandy: "It means so much to all of us!"] [June, revealing a comic: "In fact, we're excited to announce: the first six comic stories are now for sale in _one physical book. Volume I!" Sandy: "You can hold it in your hands! What joy!"] [June: "You can pick up a copy at obituarycartoon.com/shop!" Sandy: "And you can even get one that's signed by the creators!"] [June smiles, Sandy reads the book.] [June: "Yeah, there's not really any joke here." Sandy: "But what are you still doing here? Go to obituarycartoon.com/shop! Don't be a Late-to-the-Party Lucy-Anne!"]

Also, if you were following our old RSS feed, and haven't gotten a message until now, hello! Our blog switched its RSS url, but we may added legacy support :) If so, welcome back! If not, we miss you!

[Vince: "Sup LR."] [Lisa Rose: "What did you say?" Vince: "Uh... Sup?"] [Lisa Rose: "You know my name, Vince! It's Lisa Rose. Why the abbreviation?"] [Vince: "It was a nickname, sheesh." Lisa Rose: "Nicknames are bad for branding!"] [Daisy: "Yeah, try to think on a global level!"]]