[Blatsy: "Hey, Dr. Marloon, what are you working on?" Marloon: "It's my greatest challenge yet. Creating _Fluid Time_!"] [Blatsy: "Fluid time?" Marloon: "Yes! You see, humans built an imprecise means of measuring time, using the sun. Because the Earth is tilted, unless you're at the equator, sunrise and sunset are at _different times_!"] [Marloon: "But with _Fluid Time_ sunrise and sunset are _always 6AM and 6PM! The duration of an _hour_ just expands and compresses throughout the year, with the most extreme fluctuations at either pole."] [Blatsy: "Wouldn't that just cause more confusion?" Marloon: "Presently, but give it a few fluid hours, and it'll make sense."]"]

[jfcblox from Discord asks: "June, have you ever rode on a train?"] [June: "I've actually never been out of the county, so I've never needed to go on a train."] [Catfield: "That - my friends - is a true shame. There is nothing like like riding on a train! The different people you meet. The scenery zipping by!"] [Catfield: "And that's riding either for luxury or hoofing it from the law!"]

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