[javiermetal66 from WebToon asks: "June: don't you think Vince is kinda hot?"] [June: "Not really, no." Sandy: "Really? You don't find is his bad-boy charm and rebellious ways even the _slightest_ bit alluring, or even mysterious?"] [June looks at Sandy.] [June: "Sometimes I forget how different we are." Sandy: "You can at least admit he has swell slow-dancing shoulders."]

[Lisa Rose: "I can_not_ believe that Ella would say that to D'Angelo." Daisy: "But she _100%_ did. He's been unfaithful and he was - like - definitely gaslighting her."] [June: "What is this? An anime or something?"] [Lisa Rose: "Really, Cemetery Girl? _Anime_? No. This is a show with _substance_: the hit reality show, Lovers & Haters." Daisy: "Yeah. It's got - like - romance and betrayal and fabulous outfits!"] [June: "I dunno that sounds an awful lot like an anime." Violet: "Also, a story's medium doesn't necessarily dictate-" Lisa Rose: "I swear to all that is holy, Violet, shut up!"]

[Frog from Discord asks: "Hi June, have any cool facts about... uh... dead things?"] [June: "I definitely have interesting facts about _the mortician business_, though I figure you don't want anything too graphic."] [June: "Probably something more in the vein of what you're looking for is how in ancient Egypt it was believed that the shadow was an extension of the soul."] [Carmen: "But if you _do_ want to talk veins, and how to drain a body before embalming--" June: "No, no, that's not a cool fact!"]