[Coach McKinney: "Stew dent it! You want me to what?" June: "...to explain why I got a B?"] [Coach McKinney: "Okay. Fine!"] [Coach McKinny: "You wrote your name: That's ten points. You included the class and period number: That's ten points. You wrote two-thirds of a page: That's where you got dinged." June: "Because I didn't properly explain myself?"] [Coach McKinney: "No. Because my grading system reflect societal behavior. It's not about quality. It's about the _'pearance_ of quality through _quantity_." June: "I may be learning the wrong lessons in school."]

[EdibleCookie from Discord asks: "Do the ghosts reveal themselves during Halloween and pass it off as a really good costume?"] [June: "Some do, and it was soooo embarrassing when I was little..."] [June: "Especially when they got it into their heads they would look _too_ convincing without legs..."] [Catfield, with incredibly long, constructed legs: "What do you mean, June? Natural as ever!"]

[Edmund and Catfield stare intensely at a chess board] [Catfield moves a piece] [Edmund: "Check."] [Catfield thinks.] [Catfield: "Check."] [Edmund: "Check."] [As "Check!" continues: Hillary: "Which one of them...?" Carmen: "Neither one of them knows how to play."]