[Blatsy: "Wow! That was so good! Thanks for food, Carmen and Hillary!" Carmen: "Always a pleasure to cook for more than one."] [Hillary: "And please! Take some home!" June: "Yeah, I can't finish all the left-overs." Blatsy: "Okay!"] [June: "Ah shoot, we're all out of containers." Hillary: "Well... We could always use..."] [June: "Don't say 'an urn'" Hillary: "What? It's not like we'd take a _used_ one." Carmen: "Yeah, we'e not making _that_ mistake twice."]

[Carmen: "I hope you're ready for the best martial arts movie you'll ever see." June: "Sorry! We need a few more minutes..."] [Carmen: "Still studying? You've been at it all day. Why the urgency?" June: "Neither of us are doing great in English class..." Blatsy: "But we have to do well! Even if English isn't the neatest subject..."] [Carmen: "Yeah, I call bull on that. Only study it if you _care_ about it. Follow your passions. Sure, you gotta survive too, but don't let society pull the wool over your eyes."] [Blatsy: "Bull"... "wool"... so are you saying we should work on a farm...? Or is that a use of 'conjunction'?" Carmen: "On second thought, take your time studying. We'll start the movie in a few hours."]