[alphagoul1 from WebTool asks: "Dear Catfield, When I watched the pilot I assumed that you were a significant historical figure similar to how Gramplin was, but if you were, what would you do with that power? Leaving your mark on history-wise."] [Catfield: "Whoa, whoa. Hold up now, bud. Significance is in the eye of the beholder."] [Catfield: "Fame was never something I ever wanted. I was always happiest and most present when I was chatting away with family, friends, and strangers. And - hey - making some extra scratch was never bad neither, but that was never what I _needed_."] [Catfield: "Besides, 'significant' _miiiiight_ be a stretch, even for Gramplin."]

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[Catfield, taking out the trash: "Hey friends! Thanks for meeting me in our usual spot behind the mortuary, because - boy - I am coming to you with a lucrative offer!"] [Catfield, brandishing trash: "The pitch is easy! Join the _Obituary_ Patreon. You give us your money, and we give you all sorts of things, like wallpapers and audio recordings!"] [Catfield: "That sweaty cash you give us is reinvested into Obituary for overhead costs and future projects like hiring talent or even potential merchandise."] [Catfield: "We appreciate your continued support and hope you join our Patreon, just like I hope you won't tell anyone about me never properly disposing of all those coffins."] [Catfield stands behind a large mound of improperly disposed-of coffins.]

[Anurag Yadav from Facebook asks: "Are there any bad ghosts?"] [Sandy: "Oh dear, this is hard to admit, but yes."] [Sandy: "Just like mortals, however, I want to believe that ghosts can grow and change."] [Edmund: "I just committed tax fraud for fun." Sandy: "I want to believe so badly!!!"]