[Cullen S from WebToon asks: "If Dr. Marloon is from the 19th century, where and when did they learn about robotics and AI programming?"] [Marloon: "To answer succinctly: Everywhere and since my death. I've had countless opportunities and decades to experiment and learn!"] [Marloon: "And now with online resources, a person can access almost anything from anywhere without even traveling!"] [Marloon: "Of course, it certainly is easier to focus on research when there isn't the rest of one's life to also attend to. But _c'est la vie_."]

[Blatsy: "Have you ever thought about pencils, June?" June: "What do you mean?"] [Blatsy: "Well, as students, we use pencils for everything, which makes sense for scantrons and math. But adults -- they seem to use pens all the time."] [June: "Huh. That is kind of strange. I wonder if there's a stigma around using  erasers." Blatsy: "Or students are single-handedly saving the pencil industry?"] [June: "Oh, I thought you were suggesting adults should use pencils because they still make mistakes." Blatsy: Nah. I just thnk pencils are neat."]

[jfcblox from Discord asks: "Calvin, do you like ghosts?"] [Calvin Locke: "Ghosts? More like _schmosts_, cuz they aren't real! Heh. _Any_one who believes in-"] [June: "Hey. So... sorry to interrupt, but- Look, Calvin's not a... character. He was just a throw-away bit." Calvin Locke: "I was?"] [June: "Yeah, Uh, real sorry." Calvin Locke: "Oh..."] [The Faceless Abomination: "And as a throw-away bit, we must eliminate the character!"] [The Faceless Abomination snaps, Calvin Locke bursts into doves.] [June: "Was that really necessary?" The Faceless Abomination: "Not necessary, but absolutely mandatory."]