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Blatsy and June study in June's room. Blatsy: "Hey June, do you think it's weird that River Legs never needs to eat?" June: "River... what?"

Blatsy: "You know! _River Legs!_ That mischievous octopus that The Faceless Abomination cursed into your locker!" A thought bubble with an octopus appears.

June: "You kept that...? And named it 'River Legs...'? Blatsy: "Well you kept the cat."

SpanglishCatto from YouTube asks: "Dmitri, how [do you] start a revolution?"

Dmitiri floats among graves. Dmitri: "Revolution can take place in one of two ways."

Dimtri: "One is like push boulder up hill -- feeding ideas to people, hoping the will push in right direction to topple foes like pins. Incline and effort is important."

Dmitri: "The other... is like pushing boulder off cliff, so it crushes those below like bugs. Definitely messier, but sometimes necessary."

June approaches Gramplin with a notepad and pencil.  June: "For my introduction to psychology class, I'm supposed to survey family members for key motivations for, uh... life."

Gramplin: "Easy. Glory!"

Various ghosts appear in different panels, with June in the center, pad in hand. [Hillary: "Community!" Carmen: Yeah, community's big."] [Sandy: "Happiness for me!"] [Catfield: "Not being killed by the mob!"]

June stares in shock at an oblivious Catfield.

Catfield, gesturing to the notepad: "Oh, and being able to provide for my family! Maybe put family first! Is it too late to flip those?"

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