[Gramplin: "May I ask you something?"] [Marloon: "Sure thing, General. What is it?"] [Gramplin: "Well, you've spent your life inventing and experimenting, yet you don't have your name in a single text book. Doesn't that bother you?" Marloon: "Oh, no. Not at all."] [Marloon: "Where some may seek fame and fortune, I derive a great amount of pleasure from cracking the nut of how things work."] [Gramplin: "You are a significantly better soul than I." Marloon: "It's all relative. I periodically catch myself disregarding the well-being of others for 'The Greater Good." As a rule, that's a slippery slope one should aim to avoid."]

[tymm420 from WebToon asks: "Are there any [ghosts] we don't know about?"] [June: "Oh, absolutely. Ghosts _choose_ to reveal themselves to mortals, so I'm sure there are countless ghosts around me even now."] [Blatsy: "Oh whoa. So at any given moment we're wading through potentially hundreds of ghosts who want nothing to do with us?" June: "Pretty much."] [Blatsy: "Should we take that personally? We're both super cool!"] [June: Considering how much zaniness we have with the ghosts we _do_ know, I say let them have their space."]

[Gramplin: "Sorry to barge in, June, but I saw you rush past looking distraught. Is everything alright?" June, holding a paper with a C- on it: "I'm just feeling behind in school."] [Gramplin: "Feeling behind? You're basically describing my whole life!"] [Gramplin: "The world can be cruel, June, but when life spits in your eye, just be glad you have the other one to see what you have."] [June: "Ah, so it's all about perspective then?" Gramplin: "Actually, I was just going to suggest you cheat, but that's probably the better lesson."]