[Saishi responded from WebToon: "Egypt sounds like fun!! Did [Carmen and Hillary] happen to bump into any mummies?"] [Carmen: "If you mean like the shambling undead stuff you'd see in bad flicks, no. No. We didn't see any of the _those_."] [Hillary: "But we did encounter spirits that weren't what you'd customarily think of when you think "ghosts." And that, oh man -" Carmen: "Hill... Why you gotta ruin the tease like that?"] [Hillary: "What? They asked! That was the coolest part!" Carmen: "This is why I handled the business side when we were alive."]

[Matt Tidster from Twitter asks: "Where has been your favorite place to visit?"] [Hillary: "Egypt!" Carmen: "We went there together after we met up as ghosts."] [Hillary: "Though I really wish we'd known we could mindscape back then..." Carmen: "Yeah..."] [Carmen: "It takes a really _really_ long time to float across the Atlantic Ocean."]

[Zinchrome from Patreon asks: "With your many backgrounds at the Mortuary, which holidays or traditions do you take part in there?"] [Lady Plume: "Around major holidays, there are some overlapping traditions. I've made a rotating schedule, so we try our best to take turns."] [Lady Plume: "For example, last Christmas, Carmen treated us all to Cuban cuisine, as that was what her father's family would always serve."] [Lady Plume: "And thene there are some holiday traditions that go uncontested." Dr. Marloon, carrying snakes and a cactus: "Lady Plume! Come quick! You don't want to miss it!"]