After a satellite fell out of the sky and crushed her parents, June Crocker had to grow up fast. She is self-reliant, resourceful, and often the most perceptive one in the room.


She was raised by the ghosts of Eternal Rivers Mortuary, and at 14 decides it’s time enter the world of the living by enrolling in high school, so she can be “normal,” instead of Ludburrow County urban legend: The “Cemetery Girl.”


High school politics are completely foreign to June and her sense of fairness often gets her into conflict with other students-- well, one student in particular, but we’ll get to her.

Outside of school and running the mortuary, June spends her free time doing taxidermy, reading graphic novels, and trying to figure out where her parents wound up.  Until high school, she’d never had a living friend.



June’s first living friend, and also friends with many of the ghosts at Eternal Rivers Mortuary.  He’s often oblivious of his own insightfulness.  Many other students are off-put by his unbounding enthusiasm, dorky headgear, and ignorance of some social cues, but he always means well.


She’s the richest and (self-proclaimed) most popular girl in school. She is petty and superficial, but far from dumb. She feels threatened by June’s - albeit negative - popularity, and often schemes against June. When with her friends, Daisy and Violet, the trio is known on campus as "The Flowers."


Daisy is Lisa Rose’s favorite, and she knows it. She knows all the right things to say to Lisa Rose a the right times to laugh at her jokes, but... she's not that bright.


Meek and fearful of being deserted, Violet is actually one of Lisa Rose’s oldest friends, but when puberty hit, well, the dynamic of their friendship changed and now Violet is often put upon and put-down. Violet is usually right, but rarely listened to, and loyal to a fault.


A gruff basketball coach who also teaches history. You gotta love public school, right? Unlike on the court, Coach McKinney is looking to put in as little effort as possible. If he could just play history documentaries every day in class, he would.


Vince should be a junior, but he’s really good at slacking off. He’s an apathetic rebel who knows how to game the system. If there’s a kid to pick on (often Blatsy), he will, but he’s not collecting lunch money. He’s just bored.


An eternal optimist and June’s closest friend at the mortuary, but let’s face it, Sandy’s just so gosh darn delightful she could probably make friends with a pack of wolves. While alive Sandy was remarkably popular in high school and so returning is an absolute thrill for her.



Lady Plume is the matriarch of the Eternal Rivers family. She’s prudish, woefully old fashioned and superstitious, but she’s wildly knowledgeable about the spiritual world in part due to her history with one of the more renowned spirits, The Faceless Abomination.


Though - yes - he is remembered for immoral acts during the Civil War, and - yes - he may be a bit of a self-important blowhard at times, all the ghosts at the mortuary look to him for leadership when June isn’t around (except the Confederate soldiers he fought), and he's an excellent surrogate father to June.


An inventor who didn’t let a little thing like death keep her out of her lab!  You certainly can’t fault her for her enthusiasm, but you can fault her for most of the smog during the Industrial Revolution.


A determined traveling salesman who usually doesn’t realize how buffoonish he is. His moral compass is a bit broken, but “if you say it with a smile, how bad can something really be?”


One of the most devoted muscles the Soviet’s ever had. Since death, however, while his accent and some of his beliefs have stuck firm, he’s warmed up to America quite a bit. He is brutish and moody, but a secret softy.

Hillary & Carmen

While death may have quelled some of their rebellious tendencies, these two punk-rock lovers get their kicks through conflict. Hillary is more level-headed and even-handed than the passion-filled Carmen.

THe Faceless Abomination

A phantasmic ferrier of souls that travels across planes. It is pompous with a flair for dramatics and a gambling addiction.