Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it! Our gift to you: a new episode of Obituary!

You can read it online, free, on WebToon. Enjoy 👻

[The Barrytes Present: Obituary: Forest in Peace]

[alphaghoul1 from WebToon asks: "So that girl's still trapped in the vending machine? Why does't the fire department get her out Or at least the maintenance guy who restocks it?"] [Vending Machine Kid: "Hey, I'd, uh... I'd really appreciate that! Th-that's a really good idea! Thanks!"] [Vending Machine Kid: "So, uh... hey! Um. Hey! Anyone! Could you, uh... Hey! Could you call for someone to let me out?"] [Vending Machine Kid: "Hello?"] [No one replies.] [Voice: "Sure thing, Trevor, I'll close up for the weekend."] [The lights go out.] [Vending Machine Kid: "Hello...?" She is so alone.]

[Gramplin, holding a repaired urn: "You thought I couldn't do it, but I showed you!" Edmund: "Heh, heh, great. Now I _dare_ you to clean my tombstone!"] [Gramplin, exiting: "I am not afraid! I shall not falter!" June: "Edmund, it's not fair to boss Gramplin around just because he doesn't know what a dare is."] [Edmund: "What, scared? I _dare you to not argue with me." June: "Or, maybe _you_ don't know what a dare is..." Edmund: "I _double-dog_ dare you!!! Coward!"]