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[FluffledDuck from WebToon asks: "Dr Marloon, have you ever experimented on June?"]

[June: "Oh no, Dr. Marloon never-" Dr. Marloon: "Absolutely!"]

[June: "What??!" Dr. Marloon: "Because parenting is the greatest experiment of all!"]

[June, reassured: "Oh, phew. I thought... Well, okay then." Dr. Marloon, whispering: "There is a tracking chip though."]

[Vince, leaning against a locker: "Hey, Blats. Can I give your head a good slam on the locker? For old times' sake?" Blatsy, closing his locker: "I would rather you didn't."] [

[Vince, desperately: "C'mon, man. I got all this pent up frustration to get out. Antsy hands!" His hands shake. Blatsy: "Well, maybe give my Rubik's cube a try!" Blatsy offers the cube.]

[Vince takes the cube and looks at it nervously. Blatsy looks on expectantly.]

[KRSHT! Vince SLAMS the cube into the locker, shattering it. A piece bounds off a surprised Blaty's head]

[Vince, desperately, hands still shaking: "Nah, man, that didn't work! I still got antsy hands!" Blatsy: "Well, okay, maybe one more slam." Blatsy offers his head.]

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