[June: "Hey everyone! The Barrytes went to Wicked Comic Con in Boston this weekend, and dang was it neat!"] [June: "They got to introduce my story to lots of new eople and even met some folks who'd seen the pilot from waaay back!" Dmitri: "Was not _that_ long ago, in grand scheme of things."] [June: "Soooo... which convention next? Comment, and we'll see if they can go!"]

[nevets7 from WebToon asks: "Is there some way to reincarnate or go to the afterlife?"] [Lady Plume: "Ah, a scholar I see! So you've heard of the Soul Cycle, have you?"] [Lady Plume: "Then you _must_ know that there's simply so much we _don't_ know. Like what _can_ have a soul in the first place."] [Sandy: "I even met a ghost carrot once! I'll never tell June, though, because then she'd never eat her veggies!"]

[Catfield: "Huh" June: "What is it, Mr. Catfield?"] [Catfield: "Have you heard of this? Cryptocurrency? It's like money, but you can't hold it." June: "Yeah, it's kind of a big deal right now."] [Catfield: "So people are _making up_ stuff and _calling it_ money and other people are forking over their _real_ money for it with no guarantee it will actually hold the value of their tangible goods?" June: "Essentially, yeah."] [Catfield: "Wowie. And here I was thinking nobody could top the quiz show scandals for easy cash!" June: "I don't think that's what you're supposed to... well..."]