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[Blatsy swings open the mortuary lobby doors from the sunny outside. Catfield floats in the foreground with a look of worry directed at nothing. Blatsy: "Hey June! You'll never guess what kind of dust I-"]

[Blatsy: "Oh, I guess June's not in the lobby. Hey Mr. Catflied, is June home?"]

[Catfield snaps to attention. Catfield: "Oh hiya Blatsy! Didn't see ya there! I was busy thinking about all my life's regrets I can't change. You ever do that, kid?" Blatsy: "No that sounds awful..."]

[Catfield: "Haha I gues it sure is! Well, maybe you'll get to do it too one day. Have a great day, kid!" Blatsy looks horrified.]


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