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Locker decorations are important! Have you ever decorated a locker? How did you make it feel personal and cozy?

[Sandy: "So June, are you excited to decorate your locker?" June: "Uh... Is that a thing?" Sandy: "Oh it definitely is! I'd line my locker with magazine clippings and pictures of my girlfriends. Yes, ma'am, a well-decorated locker feels so personal and cozy!"] [Sandy: "Blatsy, students still do that right?" Blatsy: "Some do, but most of the lockers I was shoved in yesterday were pretty bare and not that cozy." June: "Most? How many lockers were you--??"] [Sandy: "UNDECORATED?! What happened to school spirit?! What happened to patriotism?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Blatsy: "Woa. I had no idea they were related." June: "They're not."]

For the month that's both her namesake and celebrates Pride, June and company now appear with a splash of color!

[Sandy: "So, June, what subject in school are you most excited for?" June: "I'm pretty excited to learn about different cultures in world history!"] [Sandy: "What about you, Blatsy?" Blatsy: "Probably geometry." June: "Really? I had no idea you also liked math!"] [Blatsy: "Geometry is math? Oh, man, I should probably get rid of all this fertilizer in my backpack!"]

Dr. Marloon always has just the solution to each of June's problems! She's as thoughtful as she is brilliant! But maybe something's missing from her process...

[Dr. Marloon: Wait! June! I was thinking... in case of emergencies, you'll need a way to initiate a clear line of communication!"] [June: "No need to worry, Dr. Marloon. I bought a cell phone! It's... sort of like that pocket telegraph you made, but it vibrates instead of puncturing your skin with a needle."] [June: "All right. Off to school now. Bye!"] [Dr. Marloon: "Well _now_ what am I going to do with all of these alphabetically encoded fireworks??"]

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