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Happy 4th of July! Sandy's "fireworks" are much tastier than Dr. Marloon's, even if they are messy. If you celebrate it, what are you doing for the 4th of July?

[Sandy: "Oh, Blatsy, check this out."] [Sandy shakes soda. Blatsy: "What are you-?" June: "Blatsy, get down!"] [FWOOM! Soda sprays everywhere!] [Sandy: "One of the perks of being dead is not having to worry about getting your clothes dirty!" Blatsy: "Neat!" June: "I'll find a mop." Student 1 (distantly): "Is that bottle floating?" Student 2 (distantly): "I'll bet that Witch Girl is using her evil magic!" Student 3 (distantly): "I find that floating bottle both strange and alarming, and I objectively despise whoever made it do that."]

School is a wild place! What animal in the food chain are you?

[Vince: "Hey, Witch Girl, you wanna burn some ants?" June: "First of all, it's 'June.'" Vince: "'Kay." June: "And second, Vince, I want you to stop bullying Blatsy. He's my friend and you're better than that."] [Vince: "Yeah, okay, sure. I won't bother him anymore."] [June: "Oh. Wow. That was surprisingly simple." Vince: "Look. I'm just working through some complex emotions and high school's a bit like the African plains. Your boy, Square Frames, was a weak gazelle, so I pounced."] [June: "And in this metaphor you are...?" Vince: "A polar bear." June: "Polar bears aren't in the African plains and don't eat ga-" Vince: "I know. I'm just that cool."]

Spring showers bring The Flowers. June gets a whole month in summer to spend on the Sandy beaches. Dmitri's winters are full of discontent, probably. Which season is your favorite?

[Daisy: "Hey, Cemetery Girl, what's your favorite season?"] [June: "Uh, I guess I'd say--" Lisa Rose: "We know. We know. It's _obviously_ going to be winter because everything _dies_ and you live at a _mortuary_. How very 'on brand,' Cemetery Girl."] [June: "um, winter's nice, Lisa Rose, but I actually prefer autumn. I love seeing the trees change color, and who could get mad at jumping in leaves?"] [June returns to her work] [Violet: "Yeah, I like leaves too." Lisa Rose: "Shut _up_, Violet!"]

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