Dr. Marloon always has just the solution to each of June's problems! She's as thoughtful as she is brilliant! But maybe something's missing from her process...

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[Dr. Marloon: Wait! June! I was thinking... in case of emergencies, you'll need a way to initiate a clear line of communication!"] [June: "No need to worry, Dr. Marloon. I bought a cell phone! It's... sort of like that pocket telegraph you made, but it vibrates instead of puncturing your skin with a needle."] [June: "All right. Off to school now. Bye!"] [Dr. Marloon: "Well _now_ what am I going to do with all of these alphabetically encoded fireworks??"]

With role models like these, who needs, anything more?

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[Lady Plume: "Trulish, do you worry that June will make improper decisions at school?" General Gramplin: "Why, Lady Plume, there's no need to fret!"] [General Gramplin: "We've been perfect role models! You've taught her manners and fairness, and I've taught her to be honorable and bold!"] [Voice: "Trulish Gramplin, you rat! That feather duster belongs in my great grand mammy's coffin! You've even gone and left it open!"] [General Gramplin: "Well, I'm, uh, sure I taught her something..." Voice (in the background): "Gramplin! Just you wait 'til I get my ghostly mitts on you!"]

Don't make a bad second impression, June!

[June: "So you're telling me the _second_ day is most important??" Mr. Catfield: "Well, sure, June! Consistency is what makes for a dependable product! Nobody would by a mop that only cleans _half_ the time! So what has everyone bought you as?"] [June: "Uh... the weird girl."] [Mr. Catfield thinks] [Mr. Catfield: "I've got it! I'll find you some mice and buttons to munch on during class!" June: "Mr. Catfield, please don't!"]

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