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Spectre Elector - p14

Happy holidays, Obituary fans -- whichever you celebrate, or even if this time of year is simply a time to enjoy a vacation!

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[Blatsy: "Why not win without tricks?"] [June: "But that's how Lisa Rose is doing it."] [Blatsy: "But you're not Lisa Rose."] [June: "Blatsy, you're right. I've been trying to beat Lisa Rose at her own game. But that's not a game I want to play any more. I don't want to play any games. I want to help the school."] [June: "I need to go!" Catfield: Where are you going, June!" June: "This baby owl needs to leave the rookery!"] [June, struggling to walk through the waist-high Lisa Rose buttons: "Hrrgh... Urph..."] [Dmitri: "Baby owl...?" Blatsy: "It was from a while ago. Don't worry about it..." June: "Gurr... Hmmph..."]

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