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Spectre Elector - p12

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[Sandy: "Schooooooooool spirit!" June, wearing a seahorse mascot costume, atop a pyramid of chairs and Blatsy: "Sing the Seahorse Fighting tune! J-U-N-E! Vote for JUNE!" Student 1: "She's dressed like our mascot, the Fighting Seahorse. What spirit!" Student 2: "I love that catchy rhythm!" Student 3: "But what's that other tune?"] [June lowers her pom-poms.] [June turns.] [June turns more.] [June: "Oh my-"] [Lisa Rose, atop a giant seahorse float: "Vote for me, Lisa Rose and charge forward to victory!" June and Blatsy fly through the air, knocked over: "Ooof! Ahhh!" "Urgh. Woah!" Daisy: "And please take buttons! We still have thousands more!" Student 1: "What a remarkable display of spirit!" Student 2: "And the music is louder, therefore she cares more." Student 3: "A grand display like this could never be inauthentic."]

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