Storyboards Reincarnate

Well dang! We've reached 200K views! In honor of that, we wanted to share some storyboard drafts, because DANG it's fun to look back at 'em ;) When we wrote the initial script, we had a lot of very specific images/motions in mind, and had even filmed some sections live-action to get the framing down, but we had never actually drawn out all the scenes with the characters. Seeing everything together made us look at it differently -- later, seeing it animated made us look at it differently too. We went through a lot of iterations with the Yotta team (who were very patient with our picky notes ;p ), and it's sort of neat to look at some of the things that changed from the older ones to the new

How Obituary Got Started

We did an AMA the other day and really enjoyed the questions folks posted! A common question we got was "how did you get started" so we wanted to write a little here about howObituary came to be. Micheal's part of an improv theatre in LA and, in 2012, was producing a show there about time-traveling cave men. The more the improv show went on, the more he fell in love with mixing history, and getting to see people from different time periods interacting, and thought a fun way to do this would be by telling a story about a girl raised by ghosts from different time periods and places. I was just finishing up my senior year of college, and when he mentioned the idea to me and asked if I wanted

A Grave Beginning

The pilot for Obituary is finally complete after a year and a half of animation (Feb 2015 - July 2016)! Studio Yotta did a great job, and we'll be posting it online soon! We just had a screening and table read and it was great to see everyone there and hear them back in their voices again! We hope folks enjoy the pilot!

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