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[Catfield, in front of a board of sticky notes: "Hmm..." Plume: "Oh, I don't like the looks of this. What are you doing, Lester?"] [Catfield: "I've never met an egg I couldn't crack, but that Faceless Fella has got me... over medium? Hard boiled? Scrambled? Ya see, I'm so thrown, I can't even hold a metaphor trying to befriend them!"] [Plume: "I wouldn't take it personally, Lester. Faceless isn't always the easiest to warm over. Even then, their level of affection is somewhat muted."] [Plume: "Not everyone can be as easily won over as Sandy." Sandy, to a moth: "You are the absolute cutest moth I have ever seen! Come on! There's so much more to the mortuary than just this lamp!"]


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