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Misplaced & Scrounging

[The Faceless Abomination searching for something in the foreground in the basement, while June walks downstairs into the basement. Faceless: "Where could it be...?" June "What are you scrounging around for, Faceless?"]

[Faceless: "It is none of your concern what it is I seek, June Crocker, so I will not respond to your inquiry, however, I will address your tone!"]

[Faceless speaks as June searches a box for something. Faceless: "Have you ever misplaced perhaps some mortal bauble and you are forced to retrace your steps?" June: "Sure, yeah. All the time."]

[June ascends the stairs out of the basement with a wrench in hand. Faceless, exploding: "Now imagine that retracing needing to take place over eons and an infinite spectrum of spatial existence!" June: "Sometimes I don't know why I ask you harmless questions."]


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