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Daylight Shaving Time

[Blatsy: "Hey, Dr. Marloon, what ar you working on?" Marloon: "Fixing Daylight Savings time with Daylight _Shaving_ Time"] [Blatsy: "Daylght Shaving Time?" Marloon: "Yes! You see, the biggest problem with Daylight Savings Time is the date always sneaks up on you. You never remember it until after it happens, and then you're late or early. And why does it switch over at 1AM? Ludicrous!"] [Marloon: "But with Daylight _Shaving_ Time, we slowly shave away at the time difference, adding or removing a simple 19.72603 seconds after midnight each night, except - of course - the extra day of a leap year!"] [Blatsy: "Wouldn't it be easier to just do away with Daylight Savings Time altogether?" Marloon: "In theory, but in practice, I'm not sure I could get everyone on board with that big of a change."]


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