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Daylight Explaining Time

[$$$109 from WebToon responded to Dr. Marloon's proposal for Dalight Savings Time by asking: "Ok what?"] [Marloon: "It's easy, I swear! I'll explain differently."] [Marloon, indicating two graphs plotting time against time, one using a step function, and one that appears continuous: "Instead of remembering which random days to change your clock, you just change it a little every day by the same _tiny_amount. It all adds up, see?"] [Marloon: "And when you look at them side-by-side, isn't it ridiculous how we do it now? I mean, what if we did that with food? You don't eat _just two huge meals a year!_"] [Marloon: "Although... If that _did_become customary, we could employ more-efficient farming and cut down on table scrap food waste..."]


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