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[June: "Excuse me, Lady Plume, could you help me with this?" Lady Plume: "Yes, dear, I'm happy to assist with your assignments."] [June: "Margaret invites Franny, Lori, and Gus over for a tea party. She has three packets of green tea, two packets of oolong tea, four packets of white tea, and one packet of black tea. If each of them has two different types of tea, what is the probability that two packets of white tea will be left?"] [Lady Plume: "Oh mercy me! That can't be right!" June: "You think there's a mistake in the book?"] [Lady Plume: "Yes! A tea party should always provide a list of desserts for proper pairings! What sort of social etiquette class is this?!" June: "This is a math class!"]


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