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Graphic Novels

[Shannon Willis emails: "Hi! So, Ms. Crocker. What kind of Graphic novels do you like?"] [June: "Well..."] [June, piling comics into Blatsy's hands: "If you're looking for a standalone story, 'Lady Heart' is pretty wild. 'Isle of Isles' is also a solid read that's very surreal! If you're looking for something with a lot of lore, I'd recommend either 'Bestow' or 'Forgotten Bones.' Even though I don't love the story, the art for 'This Dystopian Future is Terrible' is incredible, so I'd encourage at least flipping through it. I'm a big fan of... style. Ooo! And if you like a twist on history... Woof' is ... it's all dogs!"] [June: "I think that's a good starting point for you." Blatsy, from behind a giant stack of comics: "Yeah, I'd say so."]

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