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Favorite Characters?

Who's your favorite Obituary character? We'd love to know that and answers to a few other questions. You can help us out by filling out this Google Survey.

[Gramplin: "Ho! Ho! I'm sure that after reading _Revamplin' Gramplin_ I am your _undisputed_ favorite!"] [Marloon: "I hate to deflate your state, General, but according to our still-active Google Survey, you're _no one's_ favorite."] [Marloon: "It's clear as day, Sandy and June are current favorite frontrunners, and June and The Faceless Abomination tracking as the most interesting!" Gramplin: "I'm sure _somebody_ voted for me!"] [Marloon: "Well, _one_ person did vote for you as _least interesting_." Gramplin: "I'll take it."]

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