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Revamplin' Gramplin - p17

[Mamplin: "Now, you're all probably curious about this last-minute switcheroo."] [Costume: "THIS SEWN EXISTENCE IS CRUEL!" Another Costume: "WITH EVERY THOUGHT, WE UNRAVEL FURTHER!" Lisa Rose: "Is nobody going to ask about the-"] [Mamplin: "-but as defender of historical accuracy, I can safely say this is how Trulish Gramplin would want to be remembered."] [Mamplin: "Now, hands in. The motto."] [Mamplin: "One, two, three!"] [All: "Never have and never will!"] [Mamplin: "Now get out there and break a leg! Do General Gramplin proud, telling the truth!"] [June: "You know, Gramplin. What you did just now, that was quite... well, noble..."] [June hugs Mamplin.] [Gramplin peeks out of Mamplin.] [Gramplin: "What can I say... this is the new me..."]

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