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Revamplin' Gramplin - p16

[June: "All I know is we can't shape how people view our pasts, but it's not too late to change how you're seen in the future."] [June: "If you want people to remember you as good, you're going to have to _do_ good, and being honest about your past is part of that."] [Gramplin: "Do good, eh?"] [Later: Mamplin: "All right, everyone, gather round! I have a big announcement!"] [Mamplin: "We're going back to the old scripts!"] [Student 1: "A change so close to curtain?"] [Student 2: "What could prompt such a change?"] [Moctor Marloon: "But the costumes I made are finally complete!" Student 3: "Hey!"] [Moctor Marloon: "You see? I've successfully infused them with human intellect!" A costume: "WHY CAN I SEE NOTHING, FATHER?!" Another costume: "WERE WE BORN TO SUFFER AS FLOPPY, BONELESS BEINGS??!" Lisa Rose: "What the heck?"]

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