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Revamplin' Gramplin - p15

[Gramplin: "I don't understand it, June. I lied to everyone, but it didn't make anything better."] [Gramplin: "Everyone still sees me as a lame mule. I seemingly can't win!"] [June: "But you did win, just not in the way that you wanted."] [June: "A whole town loved you as mayor." Gramplin: "You are _really_ caught up on that whole mayor thing."] [June: "I ran for class president and you never mentioned you had won elections _multiple_ times! How is _that_ not the thing you brag about?" Dmitri: "Da. She lost to robot who said you were ice cream. Quite an insult."] [Gramplin: "I wasn't _trying_ to be mayor, though, so I... I didn't think I earned it."] [Hillary: "I'm pretty sure you didn't _earn_ the title of general." Gramplin: "Yes, but who's really keeping score anymore, huh?" Carmen: "um... us?"]

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