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Revamplin' Gramplin - p11

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[Hillary: "Waddup waddup! How goes it, June?" June: "Terribly. Everything I've found so far just _confirms_ what Gramplin is trying to erase. And some of it's worse... _way_ worse."] [Hillary: "Well, on the plus side, his version is a train wreck." June: "Really?" Hillary: "Oh, yeah. It's hilarious!"] [June: "I don't understand why he's going through all this trouble..."] [Hillary: "Things matter to everyone differently. Like, I gave up performing songs because my family mattered way more to me. Some people would find that nuts. With Gramplin... his military record is how he assesses himself, which is pretty wild."] [Hillary: "Like, he doesn't even care about all the good he did as mayor..."] [June: "Wait. What? Mayor?"] [Hillary: "You know, for a girl surrounded by _living_ history, I'm surprised you never realized this. Buckle up."]

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