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Revamplin' Gramplin - p10

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[Marmen: "Alright, everyone! Follow me! And five, six, seven, eight!" Students, singing: "Hail General Gramplin, because he's so courageous! He is a model of what we want to be!" Vince: "That's right, I'm a general."] [Daisy, atop a pile of bodies: "Run, General Gramplin! Save yourself!" Vince: Okay, but not because I'm a coward, but because I never disobey an order. Never have and never will!"] [Student 1, carrying a money sack: "Let's pin this crime on that righteous General Gramplin!" Student 2, also carrying a money sack: "Yes, let us do just that!" Student 3, likewise carrying a money sack: "I'm going to write it in the history books to tarnish his name!" Dmitri: "Poor General. Stripped of honor by jealous soldiers."] [Vince: "Mr. President, we have to get the devil out of you so you can abolish slavery. But don't let anybody know I helped you." Blatsy, flailing, strapped to a bed: "Never! I love Satan too much!" Mamplin: "Again! With more passion!"]

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