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Revamplin' Gramplin - p9

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[June: "There are so many things wrong with what you're doing right now." Gramplin: "Whatever do you mean?"] [Moctor Marloon, measuring Lisa Rose's head with calipers: "Ooo! You'll be just right... for the show, of course..."] [June: "Why can't you just let this go?" Gramplin: "Oh, June. You'll understand when you're dead." Hillary: "Eh. Debatable."] [June: "How's this? If I can find a more accurate depiction of your life, you'll drop this."] [Gramplin: "Well, I'll certainly never refuse someone taking interest in my life."] [Gramplin, re-hooding into Mamplin: "Fine. If your version is better, I'll admit defeat-- which is something I never have done alive or dead!"] [June and Mamplin shake on it.] [Mamplin: "Now, if you'll excuse me-- _I have a play to save!_"]

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