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Revamplin' Gramplin - p7

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[Dramaturge: "Hello, students! I am your new director..."] [Dramaturge: "um..."] [Dramaturge: "Mulish...... Mamplin!"] [Mulish Mamplin: "And this is the rest of my crew: Marmen, Mmitri, and Moctor Marloon." Moctor Marloon: "Yes, I'm a _real_ Moctor!"] [Mampmlin: "We have NEW scripts for you! Here!"] [Student 1: "A new play so close to opening night?" Student 2: "This seems completely different." Student 3: "But who are we to question these self-proclaimed and unverified dramaturges?" June: "Mr. 'Mamplin?'"] [Mamplin: "Yes, girl whom I have never met."] [June: "May we speak... privately?"]

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