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Revamplin' Gramplin - p4

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[Trulish Gramplin stands next to Abraham Lincoln in a field.  Gramplin holds  a smoking gun.  A body with a bullet hole is in front of them. Lincoln: "Oh, this is bad, Trulish. You'll have to fess up. It's the only way to prevent a... a... civil war!"] [Gramplin: "We'll burn the body. It'll be fine." Lincoln: "In this field of dry brush? So close to the orphan district? Haven't you learned *anything* from the last fire you caused?"] [Trulish Gramplin begins to sweat.] [Gramplin: "Line" Several voices call out: "Come on!" "Ahhh" "Really??"] [Coach McKinney: "War racket, Vince Rasp! It's Gramplin's motto! It's--"] [Students, leaning in from the wings of a stage: "Never have and never will!"  Vince and Blatsy, wearing a Lincoln hat, stand on stage.]

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