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Spectre Elector - p11

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[Coach McKinney: "Now, hog porkit, Miss Alexander! What do you think you're wearing??"] [Lisa Rose wears a pig costume: "I'm not _wearing anything, Coach McKinney!"] [Lisa Rose: "June turned me into a pig! She's a witch!"] [Voices: "I knew it!" "I thought it first!" "She _is_ a witch!" Coach McKinney: "Boo! She's a witch!" More voices: "Boo!" "Booooo!" Boo!" "I can't see myself voting for someone who would cast such a malicious spell!" "I am shocked by this new information coming to light and my vote has been swayed by such a scandal!"] [Lisa Rose smiles tauntingly at June. Coach McKinney: "Con-jurit, June Crocker. No witches allowed in class! Go take a march to counselor Stein-Stein's office. Everybody else, get ready to vote for Lisa Rose."] [Sandy: "Don't worry, June, we can flip those Frumpy Friedas with some school spirit!"]

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