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Spectre Elector - p10

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[June stands in front of a banner: "June is your voice. Lisa Rose is capitalist pig." June: "Students! Lunch workers! The Bourgeoisie is exploiting you, the honest proletariat! You need a leader who will be your voice. I, June Crocker will be that voice!"] [Student 1: "Lisa Rose is a pig?" Student 2: "A pig can't be president!" Student 3: "My opinion. It is now different."] [June, whispered: "Thanks" Dmitri: "Now promise ration increase. Is very popular." Crowd: "I definitely couldn't vote for a pig. That would be illogical." "Yes, no pig voting." "Let us vote for June instead." "Yes, I am for June voting, for she is our voice, according both to her words and that banner."] [Lisa Rose watches from the back of the crowd.] [Lisa Rose: "So I'm a pig, huh?"]

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