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Spectre Elector - p7

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[June wears a suit jacket and shades. June: "Are you sure about this, Catfield?" Catfield: Don't sweat it, June. You're going to both razzle 'em and dazzle 'em with high fashion! Now go turn some heads!"] [June exhales.] [June opens the door.] [Student 1: "Woah! Who's that cool fashionable girl?" Student 2: I hope she's running in an election so I can vote for her!"] [Catfield: "That's the stuff! Now - for the finishing touch - reach into your front pocket and put on that smart hat I got you."] [KSSSSHHHHH!!] [June holds a can, and has been sprayed in the face. Catfield: "Whoops! That's not a hat. That's just a cream sodar! Guess that's what I get for swiping a coat off a corpse. Not to worry, put it on; no one will know the difference!"] [June hesitates.] [Catfield nods.] [June puts on the "hat". Student 3: "That is a neat hat, and therefore, I will vote for this student."]

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