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Spectre Elector - p6

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[Dr. Marloon: "I could help too, you know..."] [June: "Yes, Dr. Marloon, but then you'd invent some sort of crazy machine."] [Dr. Marloon: "Not a CRAZY machine, a POLITICAL machine! Meet B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P, the political party robot I designed specifically to win elections!"] [B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P, bursting through the wall: "Beep beep. LET'S PARTY." Dr. Marloon: "Though presently it only seems interested in partying..."] [B.E.E.P. B.O.O.P: "Rave motor MALFUNCTIONING." Dr. Marloon: "Oh, that can't be good."] [Dr. Marloon: "Come back, my son! We have to show them how you can kiss a baby!" STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP] [June: "I'd say this is exactly what I'm talking about... ...but I can already hear the kitchen being destroyed... so, uh... let's get back to to campaign planning."]

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