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Spectre Elector - p4

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[Lisa Rose: "Look, Cemetery Girl, I don't need a 'platform.' This sort of thing is resume padding."] [Lisa Rose: "Besides, who would dare run against the richest most popular girl in school?"] [Unfortunate Kid: "If only there existed a responsible person with noble intentions, I wouldn't have this irreversible injury!"] [June looks on] [June: "I would!" Sandy: "How unexpected and exciting!" Blatsy: "Way to go, June!"] [Lisa Rose snaps.] [Daisy slaps a poster on the wall: "Don't vote for the Cemetery Girl. She has lice."] [June, Blatsy, and Sandy are shocked.] [Lisa Rose: "Don't feel special, Cemetery Girl. I made one for everyone." Violet holds a poster: "Violet watches bad Anime. Don't vote for Violet."] [Lisa Rose: "Politics is about playing dirty, and Flowers GROW in dirt. See you on the campaign trail."]
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