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Spectre Elector - p3

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[June: "Oh, so as class president you're going to..."] [June: "...fix the drinking fountains..." Unfortunate Kid tries to drink from the fountain, but is blasted by water in the eyes: "My eyes!"] [June: "...let that kid out of the vending machine..." A student trapped in a vending machine: "Hey! Hey...! Hey! Excuse me! Hey! Can you hit B6? I'd really like a granola bar! ...Please... Hey! Hey!..."] [June: " the basketball hoops..." A student dunks into a basketball hoop held up just by ropes; some ropes break. Coach McKinney: "Show offit, Mei! No dunkin'! You know that!"] [June: "...and maybe do something about that open elevator shaft?" Violet: "We still don't know where that goes..." Lisa Rose: "Shut up, Violet."]

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