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Mortuary Mail - Where did Lisa Rose get her money?

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[Lord Money Bags from email asks: Well Lisa Rose, since you want a question, here's one for ya. Where did your old man get all his money?] [Lisa Rose: "First and foremost, thank you for being sensible enough to ask me a question. It's good to know that not _everyone_ out there is so dense."] [Lisa Rose: Violet, add a sunburst to the background." Violet: "Oh, uh, okay, Lisa Rose..."] [Lisa Rose: "Second, um... my dad? Uh no. It was my _mom_ who earned the money for our family, thank you very much. She started her own ad agency and manages some massive global brands."] [Lisa Rose: (to Violet) "That's perfect. Print it."] [Lisa Rose: "Rising to the top runs in our blood. My older sisters are prime examples of this. Layla is editor-in-chief of the internationally-respected media outlet Oxford Stock, and Lila was just promoted to COO at the luxury airline Xihi Airways. We're leaders like that."] [Daisy holds a paper. Daisy: "Ready?" Lisa Rose: "Show it."] [Daisy reveals a poster: "I'm Better Thank You. VOTE Lisa Rose for President" Lisa Rose: "And of course, I'm bound to follow in their footsteps. First stop: Freshman class president."]

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