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Mortuary Mail - Lady Plume & Faceless

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[Sophia Askins from email asks: Was Faceless the ghost that Lady Plume was in a relationship with? She seems to know a lot about [it], AND when she saw the bracelet she immediately freaked out.] [Lady Plume: "If you must know, we did know each other, when I was alive."] [Faceless: "We were passionate lovers."] [Lady Plume: "Annd in a few select instances, I did help it, yes. A soul here or there, but nothing more."] [Faceless: "We were an unstoppable team. Perfectly in step, capturing loose and savage souls, and then sharing exquisite, exquisite kisses in a literal void of passion across multiple planes of existence."] [Lady Plume: "But if I ever felt anything, well, it was only a small amount of platonic respect for a colleague."] [Faceless: "Lady plume is a wiled beast. And that is coming from a powerful phantasm."] [Lady Plume: "Anyway, that was all a long time ago. I'm sure Faceless hardly remembers."] [Faceless: "It feels like it was only yesterday... Sweet Elizabeth, I will relight that fire in you once more..."]

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