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Mortuary Mail - Who are all the ghosts?

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[Katrice Chua from Facebook asks: Who are all the ghosts in the house?] [June: "While we do have many spirits at Eternal Rivers Mortuary, I think you may have met our most prominent residents."] [June: "Lady Plume, General Gramplin, and Mr. Catfield run most of our day-to-day operations." Captions: Lady Elizabeth Rothly Plume, 1816 - 1848; General Trulish Gramplin, 1840 - 1880; Lester Catfield, 1907 - 1945] [June: Dmitri, Carmen, Hillary, and Sandy are some of our younger residents. They help out around the mortuary too, and they're like surrogate siblings and cousins." Captions: Dmitir Klopov, 1942 - 1986; Carmen, 1968 - 1995; Hillary, 1972 - 2002; Sandy, 1944 - 1959] [June: "Down in the basement is where Dr. Marloon works. Edmund has been hanging around more recently, but he comes and goes as he pleases." Captions: Dr. Danko Marloon, 1740 - 1800; Edmund, 1901 - 1929] [Warbly Voice: "And what about use Juuuuuuuuuune?"] [A bunch of "sheet" ghosts stare at June through an open door.] [June: "And these are the generics." A generic: "We're an affront to death itseeeeelf." Another generic: "OOOooooooOOOOOoooooOOo..."]

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