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Violet Mail!

Today, Violet replies to her first Mortuary Mail!

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[Marcus Ganser from Facebook asks: Can we hear from Violet? What are her interests, hobbies, etc.? Poor thing never seems to get a word in.] [Violet: "Oh, uh, hi. That's so cool that you want to know more about me!"] [Violet: "I really like animals. Like, my brothers and I have two dogs, a lizard, and a parakeet, and a whole aquarium of fish from every time we go to the fair."] [Violet: "Oh! And I sometimes make videos about 'Ayuka's Harbor.' It's this anime I've been watching since the third grade about a-"] [Lisa Rose: "Violet! What is taking so long? I need you to warm my hands."] [Violet: "I'm so sorry, Lisa Rose, but I was just asked a question by these nice people and-"] [Lisa Rose: "It's okay, Violet, I'm sure they were just confused and wanted to reach me through you. So what is it you want to know about the richest, most popular girl in school?"] [We back away] [We back away again. Lisa Rose: "Are you... running away?"] [We back away faster. Lisa Rose: "Get back here! You know you have questions for me!!"]

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