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Mortuary Mail - About June's parents...

A very special Mortuary Mail this week! June answers a very dear question!

[Brandon Moore from Facebook asks: Why didn't June's parents come back as ghosts?] [June: "You know, you're actually the first person to ask me that."] [June is hit by a question about her parents. June: "Ow! Hey, what the-"] [June: "But it's not something I think about that much personally."] [June is hit by two more questions about her parents. June: "Ow! Oww!"] [June: "I mean, it's not like I've been searching to the answer to this for years or anything, ever since I learned that the people who raised me are ghosts, but that my parents died and aren't there with them or anything."] [June is bombarded by questions about her parents.] [June is in a pile of questions about her parents. June: "Okay. Fine. Lots of people are curious about where they are and so am I. But according to the ghosts, not everyone becomes a ghost when they die... So they must be somewhere... I guess we can return to questions about my sweater now."]

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