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Mortuary Mail - Another Double Feature!

It's another double-feature today for Mortuary Mail! The questions keep pourin' in! Today we learn about some new fangled technology, and...

[Nathan Grefsrud from Facebook asks: What are the ghosts' favorite things about today's day and age compared to when they were alive?"] [Gramplin: "Microwave ovens!" Marloon: Yes, definitely! Microwave ovens! They're incredible."] [Gramplin: "We have one in the kitchen! Come on!"] [Gramplin: "It's just a capital creation!" Marloon: "You just put food in, press some buttons, and then a magnetron converts electricity into waves, which heat up the food through radiation!"] [Gramplin: "This would have been a game-changer during the war! Though I think they only work inside buildings..." Marloon: "Hmm. Perhaps I could build one that's the size of an entire building! Then June and all her squishy little friends could stay nice and toasty in the winter!"] [Plume: "I brought the popping corn for movie night!"] [Gramplin, Marloon, and Plume watch the microwave. All three: "Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!"] [Upstairs, June, Blatsy, and ghosts wait. Blatsy: "Every movie night?" June: "Yup. Every single time." Muffled voices: "Yay!" "Time for bag two!" "Let's turn off the lights, with the lighting switch!"]

...Dmitri's got a reply to a comment from last week's Mortuary Mail!

[Justin Patnaude from Facebook replies: Wait, a truck? When did [Dmitri] die?] [Dmitri: "Yes, a truck! What? Yo uthink just because I came from Soviet Uniion we did not have trucks? Peh! We put first satellite in space! Anyway, I did not die in Soviet Union, but in America, before conclusion of Cold War."] [Dmitri: "But I know what you are now thinking. 'Dmitri, if you spent so many years as ghost, why is not your English better?'"] [Dmitri: "I sulked for many years and spoke to no one. Was embarrassing to die in America, like some weak rabbit man in book. But then I found mortuary, and ghosts here welcomed me, like whole family of rabbits, who may be puny of body, but are strong of heart. And some also not from America. Is like place is... big foundry pot for melting down humans."] [Dmitri: "And... is not so bad in America. And I have been working on English, but is very difficult. Lady Plume is patient teacher." Plume: "Is _a_ patient teacher"] [Dmitri: "Curse you articles!" Plume: "Yes, articles are tricky."]

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