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Mortuary Mail - Who died in the silliest way?

So much Mortuary Mail! So little time! Have a question for a character? Send it to! Want even more Obituary content? Join us on Patreon -- and join our mailing list to hear any big announcements.

[Loïc Gijsemans from Facebook asks: Who of the ghosts died in the silliest way?] [Dmitri: "Perhaps not silliest, but I must share."] [Dmitri: "You see these bullet holes, no?"] [Dmitri: "Wouldn't you know it, but my organs are not where you may be thinking they are! And actually, bullets sustain my life many months."] [Dmitri: "It was not until getting an ice cream that magnets on nearby truck completely..."] [Dmitri thinks] [Dmitri: "Actually, perhaps that story is quite horrifying. But what expectations did you have? Death is not exactly like walking on cakes."]

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