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Mortuary Sweaters - A double feature!

Mortuary Mail's been flooding in, so the folks around Eternal Rivers Mortuary decided to take on two questions this week!

[Samantha Sanchez from Facebook asks: How are some of the others feeling about Faceless hanging around?] [The Faceless Abomination: "I do not simply 'hang around.' I have taken on young June Crocker as a pupil! I am training her in the arts of Death itself..."] [Lady Plume: _And_ reading all my books, without my permission..."] [Gramplin: "And rearrangin' my medals! I worked hard to steal those, and even harder to order them by theft!"] [Catfield: "And eating every crumb in he pantr-"] [The room quakes. The Faceless Abomination: "THE SENSATION SOOTHES ME!"] [The ghosts smile nervously. The Faceless Abomination: "As you can see, I have been... received with grace..."]

And no topic is more popular or relevant than June's sweater!

[Nathaniel Logsdon from Facebook asks: Do you ever not wear your sweater?] [June: "Well, I don't wear it in the shower, of course. Or when I go to bed. I wear pajamas instead. I _think_ that's it though."] [June thinks.] [June thinks harder.] [June: "Don't you want to know more about my life, or, like, ghosts?"]

Until next time, keep sending in your questions about June's sweater to, to learn more about June's sweater? Join all the other sweaters on Patreon, and join our mailing sweater to hear about any big sweaters we have!

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