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Mortuary Mail - Does June wear her sweater when it's hot?

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[Patrick James Dy from Facebook replies: Don't you get hot wearing [your sweater] all the time? Then, if the weather is really hot, you would wear something else.] [June: "What?? No! But... of course not! I like my sweater!"] [The Faceless Abomination: "But what if, June Crocker, you found out that your sweater was actually..."] [The Faceless Abomination: "SNAKES!" June's sweater is now snakes.] [The snakes writhe; some slither away; June is not amused.] [June: "Faceless, we've really got to talk about what being friends means, okay?" The Faceless Abomination: "I am sorry June, I... nevermind... Here, help me gather them up. I can only transform them back if they're in a big pile."]

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