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Mortuary Mail - Why does June wear a sweater?

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[Willow Hodge from Facebook asks: I've heard people get really cold when gohsts are near. Is that why June wears a sweater?] [June: "Oh, uh, no. I like wearing sweaters because it's the closest I can come to wearing a blanket all the time."] [Blatsy: "And I know you didn't ask, but I'm all about those short sleeve shirts and shorts! We're such a classic pair of opposites!"] [Catfield enters through Blatsy's chest. Catfield: "Hey, June! Is it unethical to sell the funeral programs?" June: "Oh, right. A ghost's aura may not be cold, but the core of a ghost definitely is." Blatsy: "My stomach has never been more chilled!"]

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