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Mortuary Mail - Why did the satellite crash on Earth?

While we get ready for June's next comic adventure, the ghosts and mortals of Obituary are answering questions from fans! It's Mortuary Mail! Have a question? Email us at

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[Michał Śliż from Facebook asks: In the pilot episode, why did the satellite crash on Earth?"] [Marloon: "I believe I'm best suited to answer this, as something of a hobbyist astronomer"] [Marloon: "It's puzzling though. After a thorough analysis of all trajectories, no orbital path puts a satellite of that kind anywhere even remotely close to Ludburrow County for the whole year of 2006."] [Marloon: "Stranger still, the satellite had a peculiar symbol on it that isn't in any registry, so it looks like we have a mystery on our hands..."] [Marloon throws her research into a furnace. Marloon: "Or it's nothing! Thanks for the question!"]

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