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Cursed - p16

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[The Faceless Abomination: "But cleverness aside, I am a phantasmic being with an existence of more than six thousand years under my both metaphorical and literal belt. I think I can handle any challenge a young mortal throws my way. What is this challenge?"] [June prepares to speak.] [June: "Smile."] [The Faceless Abomination: "Wha-what?"] [The Faceless Abomination: "I... I..."] [June waits.] [June smiles.] [A flying sentient slot machine: "Our winner is: June Crocker!" Ghosts and Blatsy cheer: "Heck yeah!" "Way to go June!" "Yay, June!" "Hurrah!" "You clever girl..." "Holy cannoli" Flying slot machines vomit coins at June's feet.]

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