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Cursed - p15

The poll results for the look of the Challenge Plane were a tie between "abstract blocks" and "gaudy casino" so we created a style that honored both :) There's even a little arcade in there. To vote on future designs, join us on Patreon. Stay tuned for other updates on our mailing list.

[Inside an abstract, gaudy casino.  The Faceless Abomination: "And..."] [The Faceless Abomination: "...we're here!" June, Faceless, and the others appear.] [The Faceless Abomination: "And now we shall all see if June Crocker can best me in what so far has been an unknown challenge, but my gambling addiction has led me to haphazardly accept regardless."] [The Faceless Abomination: "Well played, Miss Crocker." June: "Thank you, Faceless"]

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