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Cursed - p8

[Lisa Rose: "Are you threatening me, Cemetery Girl?"] [Blatsy wrestles with the octopus and cat. Blatsy: "No! She's telling the truth!"] [Blatsy: "An evil bracelet put a curse on her!"] [Violet: "Wow, really?" Lisa Rose: "Shut up, Violet. They're obviously making that up." Daisy: "Yeah! Making that up!"] [Lisa Rose: "Pity you did so poorly in class. Looks like your precious GPA is going to -"] [The octopus sprays Lisa Rose, Daisy, and Violet with ink] [Lisa Rose, Daisy, and Violet are stunned.] [June: "Lisa Rose, I am so sorry, but I told you that-" Lisa Rose lunges at June. Lisa Rose: "AAAAAAAAAAA!!!"]

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