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Cursed - p6

[Coach McKinney: "Alright, you swiggled teeny bops, get your papers out and ready to present. You're up first, Vince Rasp, you traglodyte."] [Vince (background): "Benedict Arnold was a pretty cool dude. He did what he wanted. Like..." June (whispered): "Blatsy. I don't have my paper."] [Blatsy (whispered): "What? I saw you take it out of your locker."] [June (whispered): "It's just guacamole now!" It is.] [Sandy: "Maybe it's in there _with_ the guacamole?"] [Coach McKinney: "Now pair graphit, Vince Rasp, that was only a fraction of what you were supposed to do for this assignment." Vince: "What can I say, sir? I'm a minimalist."] [Coach McKinney: "Underachiever's more like it. June Crocker, get up there and show us what a real oral report sounds like." June: "Actually, Coach McKinney. I don't have it."] [Coach McKinney: "What the heck are you covered in?"] [June: "Guac, sir."] [The Faceless Abomination: "CUUURRRSEDDDD!" June's desk breaks.]

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