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Cursed - p2

[Lady Plume: "That bracelet is _far_ from harmless, June. It is linked to a warped and hideous evil that exists far beyond ghost or mortal planes. _A collector of souls_! A faceless abomination. THE Faceless Abomination."] [Voice: "You forgot to mention my compulsive gambling habits."] [The ghost look up in fear. "Jimminy Cringles!" "Ahhh!" "It can't be!" "Mercy!"] [June and Blatsy look up in fear.] [The Faceless Abomination leans against the counter.] [Carmen: "Whatever you do, don't ask it about its face." Blatsy: "What's with your face?"] [The Faceless Abomination: "I HAVE NO FACE!"]

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